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Enterprise Service Manager(Sr. Exec.\AM-Customer Operations) – KAN000006

Vodafone (Permanent Job)

Full Time
Category : Sr.Executive Salary : Experience(s) : 2 Year


About Vodafone

Vodafone Shared Services India is a multi-function shared service centre that started out as a Customer Operations provider to Vodafone India. We are today, an established, full service and multi-function centre and have quickly grown to a size of 8000+ people across Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, and Ahmedabad. We offer a deep portfolio of services across key verticals like Technology, Customer Operations, Enterprise, Finance, Networks,Business Intelligence &Analytics, and Human Resources to over 23 Vodafone markets and several Vodafone Group companies. Through our journey of exponential growth, excellent service delivery and robust employee engagement, we have realised that we’re at our best, when you’re at yours. That’s why we give you the freedom to succeed in everything you do when you work with us.

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Enterprise Service Manager(Sr. Exec.\AM-Customer Operations) – KAN000006

Kanpur-Uttar Pradesh-India






Manage a team of Relationship Managers who would be accountable for the service relationship enhancing the customer’s experience of Vodafone and for ensuring increase in customer loyalty through proactive and scheduled engagement and relationship management process.



ESSENCE OF ROLE- Key Accountabilities

1 Relations Job requires a lot of interaction with internal and external customers like:

  • Global/ National Corporates who are our customers
  • Internal Departments
  • Outsourced Vendors
  • Outsourced Employees


2 Judgment
  • There is comprehensive guideline – procedure for this role
  • Requires a lot of deviation from normal laid down procedures to ensure end to end customer satisfaction.
  • Quick judgments need to be taken
3 Customer Responsibilities
  • Looking after the Vodafone Global Account/ Corporate Relationships which have global/ national presence, in terms of all after sales servicing
  • Retentions & Relations
  • Customer Engagement
  • Cross Sell & Revenue Enhancement
  • Field Job directly interacting with customers
4 Decision making  

  • Role involves 70% following of the laid procedures and 30% deviating and taking decisions with the help of seniors

Bachelor’s degree


Relevant Experience in customer facing profiles as here it is important to ensure customers are dealt with in a professional manner


Communication, negotiation , Excel & Power point skills

Job Type

: Full-time

Employment Type : Permanent

Closing Date

: 23-Dec-15, 5:29:00 AM

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