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Join our Business intelligence team!

Full Time
Category : Website Salary : ₹200,000 Experience(s) : 1 Year


Melbourne, You must love data, telling stories with that data & making quantifiable improvements to a website's bottom line. Join our Business intelligence team!

About HCL

This was possible because we believe that real value lies in the relationship created between customer and provider, which is built on three deeply rooted value systems: We put Employees First, empowering them to believe in everyday ideas that create immense value for our customers, making HCL Technologies the world's largest Ideapreneurship™. Our fixation on Value Centricity is dedicated to delivering more value for our clients, putting their interests ahead of ours and delivering value that goes beyond the contract. Our belief in Trust, Transparency and Flexibility drives us to step into our customers' business reality, guaranteeing outcomes with great enthusiasm. While we pride our eye to detail in constructing robust contracts with clients, we realize that only a Relationship Beyond the Contract can capture what will change tomorrow. The management's role at HCL Technologies is to empower employees to believe in the power of ideas - a culture we call Ideapreneurship. Helping clients from all spheres of work, Ideapreneurs are transforming global businesses one relationship at a time.

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Headquartered here in Banglore, we’re a completely online company with an ecosystem of sites and services to help people get creative. As a young online company, internationally known in our market, we operate marketplaces where hundreds of thousands of people buy and sell digital goods every day, and a network of educational blogs where millions learn creative skills. Not only do we run some of the biggest websites in the world, we’re also growing really fast!

The Role
We are seeking a passionate Web Analyst who will provide business intelligence based on web reporting tools.

We’re looking for a goal oriented person who has a proven track record in increasing website sales, performance, and usability based on regular analysis and can see the ‘bigger picture’.

If you love data, telling stories with that data, and making quantifiable improvements to a website’s bottom line, then this is the job for you. We are a fast moving company that is rapidly expanding into new areas and uncovered markets, and you will play a key role in taking us to the next level.

Possessing excellent attention to detail and the ability to meet deadlines you will be responsible for driving quantitative insights into the creation and optimisation of all digital channels.

What you’ll be doing
• Defining, analysing and managing web traffic reports
• Establishing and improving tracking capability
• Monitoring, optimising and measuring web trends, traffic metrics and funnel performance
• Leading the creating and documentation of (A/B & MVT) testing
• Design, develop and launch testing, targeting and optimisation activities

Required Skills
• 3+ years in experience with major Web Analytics platform such as Google Analytics
• Experience in Webtrends, Website Optimizer etc. would be advantage
• Experience in tagging, goal and funnel setup and analysis and eCommerce tracking
• Advanced knowledge in (A/B & MVT) testing
• Experience using other web analytics tools would be advantage
• Experience in analysing web traffic patterns and metrics
• Awesome Microsoft Office skills (especially Excel)
• Strong analytical skills
• Able to work successfully in a cross-functional team environment
• Be a nice person!

How to Apply
To apply please submit a cover letter to with the subject line “It’s alive! It’s alive!” along with a current copy of your resume.

In your email application, please answer following questions:
• Are you eligible to work in Australia? If no, please specify visa requirements
• How many years experience do you have in a similar role?
• When are you available to start?
• What is your expected annual salary?
• Rate your skill level using Microsoft Office products (1 – Beginner, 2 – Intermediate, 3 – Advanced, 4 – Expert)
• Please explain your experience with web analytics platforms such as Google Analytics and your knowledge and experience with (A/B & MVT) testing

The following will work in your favour:
• A cover letter that talks about why you would be a good fit for this role, and gives us a sense of what you’re passionate about and what drives you
• A resume that shows us your strengths, rather than just listing everything you’ve ever worked on (long lists of acronyms will be frowned upon)
PS. For Recruiters: Please don’t contact us. Seriously.

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