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Opening for WEB CONSULTANT Contact HR NABANITA 6289764038


Adeeba e services pvt ltd
Full Time
Category : Customer Care Executive Salary : ₹13,000 Experience(s) : Min 3 months of experience in WEBSITE SALES  Year


Candidate will contact with Business units and convince the clients to make a premium business act on google map.

About Adeeba e services pvt ltd

Adeeba e-Services is a leading provider of International business and technology services. We combine a passion for client satisfaction and innovation. We provide inbound technical services and web designing and development services 24*7 .

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Candidate need to call B2B customer and convince them to create a business premium account on the map section of google to get more visibility through digital marketing on google map section so that the businesses can get exposure and come to the top ranking on google listings. Candidate need to convince them to pay for the business premium account on google and make sales.

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