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Sustainability through Innovation We have taken this earth on lease from our future generations. It is our duty to return it to them in livable condition if not better. Prudent use of limiting natural resources and striving for sustainability with a restraint in emissions is the call of the day. This realization is at the core of all innovations at Zydex.

About Zydex

Zydex – a multinational, spanning operations in over 40 countries, is a technology driven company with an eye on the future. In the new millennium, Zydex embodies the spirit of working on the anticipated needs of tomorrow through a world class research program. Zydex’s product range includes Textile chemicals, Construction Chemicals, Agricultural additives & Industrial products. Zydex® operates globally through its subsidiaries and distribution network, with sales in over 40 countries including Zydex Inc. in the USA. Zydex R&D labs are working on the anticipated needs of tomorrow with a focus on sustainability.


  • Zydex House, 61, Gotri-Sevasi Road, Sevasi, Vadodara- 390021 Phone: +91 265 3312000
  • +91 265 3312000

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