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t Airtel, we understand that business growth is a result of talent growth and hence we are committed towards building a talent pool which is constantly learning and evolving. Following a 70:20:10 development principle, whereby we believe that 70% of learning is gained on field while 20% is driven through mentors, managers, peers and subordinates and only 10 % is through traditional learning formats like workshops, sessions, e-learning etc.

About Airtel

airtel was born free, a force unleashed in the market with relentless and unwavering determination to succeed. We come closer to your campus in search of souls charged with energy, creativity and ambition. At airtel we believe in nurturing young talent, and campus forms a key part of the overall talent strategy. In line with our talent philosophy of 'Jobs Never Done Before', we empower campus hires with surprisingly large amounts of responsibility. And to realize all space & opportunity that we promise, we're carefully planning the initial months to ensure focused learning inputs, guidance, plenty of interactions with Business heads and lots of opportunities to assimilate culture, people, the organization and folklore! As a young organization where innovation is a way of life, we're constantly seeking out fresh talent that we can take big bets on. When you join us from campus, you can expect to gain diverse experiences that give you an almost multi – industry flavor and prepare you to take on leadership roles early in your career. Protection Status

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